Friday, 2 December 2011

Button it!

The buttons have been signed off- yippeee! I could actually have kept on buttoning forever. I had to produce at least ten different samples- here are some of them. I started with making simple fabric covered buttons, one embroidered first. I added a chain stitch around the rim to cover over any creases.
Next I free machined a heart for a covered button ad added some beading.
My absolute favourites next. My first attempt at Dorset buttons. I don't know if it's because I'm a Dorset girl but Oh My God- how much fun are these?
I cracked out the Fimo and teeny tiny cutters for some seriously girly flowers and butterflies.
I also made some more grown up Fimo buttons, playing with texture. I also needle felted and used shrink plastic so ended up with quite a nice variety of buttony samples. I have also completed toggles which were fun too.
I am trying to get through my texture design module, I really have to force myself to do it....step by step....grit my teeth. That's what being a grown up is all about perhaps? No wonder I struggle!

I haven't just been City and Guilding day in day out though, oh no. On Wednesday I had a grand day out. it was V V special, not least because I shared it with my lovely Mum. I promise another post with all the glorious detail very soon.


Daisie said...

ooooh, I do love a button and your buttons are beautiful :) x

wonderwoman said...

Lovely work and your dorset buttons are beautifulT xxx

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Nila said...

lovely jubly