Wednesday, 9 February 2011

They call me mellow yellow

I've done a tiny spot of shopping, just tiny, I couldn't resist Karen's little booklet. This tiny tome contains images of Karen's fabulous work and some suggestions and ideas to try oneself. I bought it to add to my City and Guilds foundation folder and also because I am a huge fan of Karen's work. There are more available hot off her printer, just visit her blog for details.

I am conscious that I have been spending a lot of time here lately showing off lovely gifts that people have sent me and just to prove that I'm not all take, take, take I wanted to show you what I made for my Mum. When we went to stay in the summer Mum and I agreed on a little swap with a September deadline and we bought two 'bit bags' from a local fabric shop full of some lovely and some truly hideous snippets- the challenge was to use these bags to make something for each other. I backed a large lavender pad with some deck-chair striped fabric. I used image transfer paper through the printer and ironed on. Although it is slightly plastic in texture it was good fun to use and I felt very brave doing it.
There was also a square of batic style print in the pack to which I added some more charm squares and some felt applique. I got the design from a book I reviewed here a while ago. I'm not sure what this panel 'is', I think it should probably up on a wall or door because the felt emblem is quite fat.
This little heart bag allowed me to use the cord and a piece of placticised fabric from the bag- It's hideous- but I felt it important to give mum a laugh..... before she could toss it on the fire!!
Lastly I made a postcard on the embellisher to use the very bright orange net and some snippets from the other projects. It was a very enjoyable challenge, but Mum wouldn't open her parcel....or perhaps I should say couldn't. Mum hadn't been very happy with her attempts and didn't want to send them, so wouldn't open mine. Christmas came and went and it wasn't until her birthday a few days ago that she bit the bullet and opened her parcel. I feel really bad that I jollied her into agreeing to the swap. It did remind me that swapping can be full of angst and worry, but much like the rest of life I think you have to do some things which make you feel uncomfortable sometimes, it builds confidence, I think. Do you agree? What have you done lately which made your tummy wobble? (other than running up the stairs- if you are built anything like me!)


karen said...

you have been so productive!!! glad you like the book....

Faeryfay said...

The postcard is just glorious! I love it!

Lady Katkin said...

Hey Jenny. How lovely that your mum wanted to swap with you (even though she didn't finish, she wanted to!). And I liked all your doings, even the 'horrid' bag. Many little girlies would love that you know! x

Griffin said...

Hmm, I am just slightly plump so that I have to lie down quickly for my tummy to wobble. Otherwise I am my usual scrawny self.

Love the works you've been up to.

wonderwoman said...

what lovely gifts for your mum, so beautifully made - i love the deck chair pic!