Saturday, 5 February 2011

Flower garden

So Wipso won my 300 post give away- and I received a thank you in return which totally overwhelmed me! Really I am still feeling very winterish and a parcel filled with treasures such as these was more than enough to paint a grin on my chops which comes a gain each time I look at the treasure!

I cannot believe how tiny and perfect this little be-ribboned bear is- she's darling!
The poppy picture- made with an embellishing machine (genius) has gone straight on the dining room wall and is my direct line of sight as I sit and listen to the kids complain about what I've cooked for them- so it is where it is needed most ;0)

I must have a go at this seared ribbon technique- it is so damn pretty! These colours are perfect for me, in fact I am considering it as one of the wedding colours.

The gifts were beautifully wrapped and came accompanied by this amazing card, I'll be looking for a frame for it, and another piece of wall where I can see it when I need it most....perhaps by the school shoes-or the toothbrushes!!!
Thanks so much Wipso, I am truly spoiled by your kindness- but I can't say 'you shouldn't have' because really- I'm very glad you did!


Debbie said...

aww- that was very nice.
I love getting Happy Mail too :)

Lyn said...

I've said it before, Blogworld is such a great place!

Wipso said...

So glad you liked each little you know what I felt like when I received the one from you :-) Your kindness really blew me away. Thanks again.
A x

karen said...

yes...she definitely should have!! you are far too spoilt my dear!!

Twiggy said...

How lovely, Wipso's work is goreous.
Twiggy x

wonderwoman said...

such very beautiful gifts, lucky you!


faeryfay said...

The poppy picture is truly amazingly beautiful!