Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dutch treats

When I opened my give away here I got some comments from people I'd never 'met' before which is really nice. One of those comments was from someone in Holland who told me about her nations favourite biscuits. Then she offered to send me some! I couldn't turn down such a generous offer so we agreed on a little swap. Well I sent a little swap Maryvonne sent me LOADS!

I not only received Stroopwafels, which will be eaten warm with ice creams, but a darling zip up bag with a cute toadstool zip hanger. Maryvonne doesn't have a blog but is obviously such a talented crafter- look at my gorgeous floral pins! (I wore one to the pub last night which kept my spirits high as I paid over £4 for a pint!!!!)

There was so much edible treasure- the kids went loony! Simon can't keep his sticky mitts off the butter waffle boiled sweets and Will was made up with the chocolate sprinkles- weirdly we had bought him some back when we visited last year and they have nearly run out. We have agreed that we'd like to do another swap in the summer- I can't wait!

I did send some treasure in my parcel including a little felt mouse Not one shown here but one in purple and grey- these mice come from the Stitched Toys book I received for Christmas and went together really nicely. I did notice too late how important it is to get the ears in the same position each side; hence the side ways-on pose!


wonderwoman said...

wow what a brilliant swap!!! and i love your little mice!!!


Debbie said...

my background is Dutch and I love stropewaffles :)

all that Duch candy is calling to me :)

We eat the chocolate sprinkles on sandwiches.

ok- I admit- Im a tad jealous!

When I lived in Southern Ontario there is a huge community there and I took for granted the Dutch stores in the different towns. Now that Im living in NC you are hard pressed to find some.

Jennifer said...

What great goodies for both parts of the swap, love those flower brooches.

karen said...

amazing swap! Lucky you x

Simply H said...

Ohh good swap Jenny x

Maryvonne said...

Your part of the swap was also filled with a lot of lovely stuff!! It was a joy to receive such a lovely package.
My kids loved the present you put in especially for them!
And I get a smile on my face ever time I think about our next swap!!