Sunday, 28 February 2010

Festive yo-yos

I have now made some more progress on the silk bag, he strawberries have leaves and some pips and there are some roses in another segment. I too the picture early as the laptop is going to be hoovered in the morning, I hope she comes back with all her bits and pieces in place, poor dear. The project for next week is the Christmas wreath. I am pretty confident about this one as I can turn out yo-yos day and night and with some ribbon loops, bells and buttons this will be able to go in the loft to come out next winter.
I do hope the computer survives it's procedure and I can show you the progress on this next week. Have a good one all! xx

Friday, 26 February 2010

The bright lights of the 20's

I have realised that the time has come for this old girl to get some help..some help in actually seeing what the hell I'm doing. As I am off to do some beading after Easter I can't bear the thought of having to pack up when the sun goes down. I also feel I would have made more progress on this weeks project if I could have continued on it once the kids were in bed!

So far I have been SO good about working on my part-finished projects but I now have four things queuing up for when I can extend my list again. A friend is thirty in a couple of months and he is planning a vintage party so I have to get myself frocked up. I am fully aware that I do not have the legs or the flat chest for a flapper dress but have found this pattern from Habithat.
I am really impressed with the historical information that comes in the pack, the quality of the pattern paper and the price of the pattern itself. I will be fabric shopping tomorrow, I need quite a lot of fabric and I'll be looking for something nice and drapey. In my teens I had my colours 'read' -yes I grew up in the 80/90s - I am an Autumn so will be looking for something in copper, rust or teal and may do some embroidery on the over dress if time allows. I know the 20's saw a strong eastern influence and I have a brilliant iron on dragon transfer which I would love to work. First things first though I will need to see if I can make something I am prepared to be seen out in!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Apple cuffy

I didn't make as much progress as I had hoped on the quilt, I have managed to finish cutting the hundreds of triangles but no piecing as yet, though it was good to get excited again about the project. I have needed an 'in front of the telly' project to work on and have managed to finish off two of the fair isle cuffs that I knitted and felted a little. I like these and look forward to wearing them myself, they are not finished perfectly so not nice enough to gift. The beads Dad made for the apple casket fit perfectly and have formed the 'feet' for the box and the closure which slides up and down the ribbon to allow the casket top to open.

As it is Sunday I have packed away the quilt and have found the next item on the list. It was literally years ago that I started this medieval bag. I went on an Embroiderers Guild residential where I completed another little bag with a spring theme. This one is a little more Autumnal in colour and the frames will be filled with blackberries, flowers, acorns, etc. in stump work and embroidery. This is hard to work on in the evenings as our lighting isn't great, perhaps it is time I bought a daylight table lamp to work under?
Anyway the list continues to shorten and I feel increasingly optimistic about my chances of clearing the decks.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Yes I'm back, back again

If you want to know what mischief I have been up to whilst I have been away; I have mostly been buying shoes (so comfy!), drinking very nice real ale at a g-o-o-d pub, buying a little fabric at Weymouth's finest quilting shop and watching the sweetest most beautifully made film I have had the pleasure to watch in a long time. Really if you have chance to see Ponyo do go. It is a U rating but this doesn't make it a little children's film, it really is very unexpected and charming.
I have had a really lovely half term and have managed to cross another two projects off the list, well to be fair I had a good deal of help from my rather lovely folks. Mum made up a jumper I knitted for Anna, I hate making up and I would have really resented doing it this time as this jacket didn't even fit her. I knitted in a simple fair isle block pattern but my tension was shot and although it is a really thick garment with a nice shape- (hideous colours but really what did you expect from a girl who buys gween shoes?) it will have to be handed to a lucky/unsuspecting smaller little friend! Dad also helped by turning me the wooden beads to finish off the apple casket, they are perfect and I will share pictures soon.
I had a day at the Embroiderers Guild meeting today and our branch have started their own website- link to follow- when I find where I have written it down!!

Monday, 8 February 2010

In the blue tri-an-gle

So the project for this week is to complete the cutting for the windmill blocks for this quilt. I have already cut several hundred triangles today, despite chickening out of changing my rotary blade. I should get a few pieced before we start our half term break. I am loving the oriental fabric and plan to hand quilt in a thick white thread- not exactly Sashiko but with a nod in that general direction. I will show you how far I get, probably on Wednesday as that is the last day when anything sensible will happen as after that the whole family will be around, and sharp objects should be well hidden!

I also received a parcel with four more titles for review from Search press, so I may be trying my hand at cable knitting, painting dragons and dying my own fibres soon. (and for my next trick lion juggling!)

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Rock formation

I have loved finishing my mineral piece this week. The felt base went under the embellisher again to have the grey scrim applied. I added french knot to the rock layers and then went to town with metallic threads, beads and some coiled wire. The photos aren't brilliant, the spangly bits really catch the light. I have decided to have this framed in a box frame. Our living room has a bit of Edwardian library feel, (with the tasteful addition of Lego!) so I think this will look like a rock slice bought back from a gentleman's grand tour-----or the fluff from a drag queens tumble dryer----you decide!
This week I will be trying to finish the cutting for a quilt project, the first step should really be changing the blade in my rotary cutter. Bye bye fingers! xx

Friday, 5 February 2010

Wrap me in yarn and call me lucky!

I didn't feel very lucky this morning, Anna had croup in the night and it is so horrid. None of us were firing on all cylinders this morning and I had thought that the parcel waiting at the post office for us was Will's Lego board. Nope, no Lego, but a lovely parcel for Mummy. I was lucky enough to be one of two winners of a give away from Tiny White Daisies which was quite staggering in it's generosity. Firstly everything was packed up in this gorgeous calico bag, just right for popping a project in to keep it clean and Playdough free.

The bag was secured with the lovely felty flower brooch, which is just my kind of thing. There was more handmade loveliness in the from of this gorgeous covered note book. None of this had been listed as part of the prize so what a lovely surprise on top of this gorgeous wooly treasure! Four balls of Noro, a 100g skein of 4ply and some wooden needles. I am sooo lucky and so grateful. I spoke to Mum- knitter extrordinaire and she suggested some gloves with the 100g skein. Now Mum actually is clever enough to knit proper gloves- I am not- it is a thing of wonder to behold. Unlike me Mum can handle four needles without having to hold one in her mouth! I am tempted to try some crochet squares or triangles all joined up for the Noro and made into a summer scarf. Tiny White Daisies has used some stunning yarn to make a triangular shawl affair which also appeals.

The treasure will be added to my wool stash until I have cleared some more projects but for instant gratification who can beat the other surprise in the package? (doesn't look very poorly here does she?)

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


A mirage, that's what this is. Of course I haven't been shopping, honestly, the very thought. What's that you can smell the wool? I know proper wool does have a particularly warm and comforting scent, but I suggest that it is just suggestion, a mirage of aroma of you will. So I am in denial I didn't follow the link from Tabiboo, I didn't get all carried away in the clearance section. I didn't receive a divine package this morning and didn't spend a ridiculous amount of time holding the hanks against my face. I didn't, I didn't I tell you...and if I had then at least one skein could go in with a spring swap I'm putting together, and another would be a lovely valentines pressie for my Mum, and and maybe the rest would be for ME. Yes me, excuse me now I am off to chuckle into my soft skeins in a slightly maniacall manner- I'm sure you'll understand. x