You spin me right round baby

Get Spun. The step-by-step guide to spinning art yarns by Symeon North

is a bright and beautiful book with the most amazing ‘art yarns’. These yarns range from adding textures to a hand spun with slubs and wraps of other fibres to spinning with fabric and plastic. But this isn’t just a show off book, where you peep through the window at what the author has created and shut the book with a sigh a you realise the results are unobtainable for mere mortals. No- this book has all the technical information you need for playing around with your own yarn, everything from dying, carding and blending to tying in metal elements. I really really wish I had a spinning wheel and could have a play. The author does say that others have reported that results are obtainable using just a spindle but she says she is unwilling to comment herself as this isn’t the technique she used herself. This is a lush book, I would love to get my fingers on the yarns pictured, I think it would be a brilliant book for a spinner who has neglected their wheel and needs a new burst of inspiration.

As I don't have a spinning wheel, this book s taunting me so I am passing it on. Leave a comment telling me if you'd like your name in the hat and I'll pull and post before the end of the month. xxx


Lyn said…
When we took class 3 to Styal Mill last year the children had a go at spinning but It looks far too hard to me!
kim said…
Although I love to knit I'm afraid I'm not a spinner.....but I just had to comment and say WOW on your last post......that quilt is gorgeous.
florrie x
Daisie said…
Like a record baby......

What is it with you and putting songs from the olden days (Elizabeths' words, not mine) into my head!!

wonderwoman said…
if you get a chance to have a go at spinning, do - its great fun, i used to do it ages ago when a friend and i sold handspun, handknits!


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