A design for life

The great big book of designs is HUGE. Really, this book is weighty and dense and fantastic it has 3000 line drawings, 3000 images with nice thick lines, for photocopying or tracing. It is made up from smaller similar books covering; Aboriginal, Art Nouveau, Aztec, Celtic, Floral, Folk Art, Garden, Native American, Persian, Roman, Tudor and Viking designs…..phew, that is a lot of designs. That’s a lot of inspiration, a lot of embroideries, a fair few cards, a good selection of stained glass pieces there are just so many applications for these beauties! Do you know the best bit though (apart from the fact that this book is only £14.99)? The best bit for me is that this book can sit happily on my shelf acting as a source book for me, an occasional photocopy colouring book for Anna and when Will comes home with his first dreaded school project and I am going to be armed and ready with fantastic images for him to use. I can’t think of many people who wouldn’t benefit from having access to this book; teachers, crafts people, needle workers….it’s just ace!

(in case you were wondering- I'm keeping this one!)


Daisie said…
oooooooooooh, tis now on my Christmas list, mmmmmmmmmmmm
trash said…
Don't blame you for keeping this one, it is a cracker.
Griffin said…
Oh I wasn't wondering... at that price, I'd hang on to it too!

Love Art Nouveau a lot. I have books on the subject and on art, costume and the like generally. Basically I am a book addict! So, thanks for adding another to the list of 'must buy when I have the cash again'! :)
Karen said…
and did you have a good holiday??
Gill said…
This book looks fabulous but are they new designs or a compilation of the designs from search press' individual design source books?
I already have a few of the SP books

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