Saturday, 28 August 2010

A mouse lived in a windmill

I have lots of pretty photos of Amsterdam......on the other computer so here are the really important bits= the tiny amount of stash shopping I managed. The shop from which I bought these treasures was down the road from the Museum of Amsterdam and opposite a tram 5 stop. It was packed with all things fairytale and kitsch. I also found two quilt fabric shops not far from the station and a bead shop in the Jordaan district- unfortunately all were closed on Sunday and Monday. Never mind I am sure we will be back. Because Amsterdam is LUSH. We had such a perfect time, we ate well, drank well, heard some great music and generally mooched and pootled around the city.

We particularly enjoyed looking for Hoffs which are small gardens shared by a number of houses or flats and often behind a closed door in a wall between buildings.
It was in one of these tiny, serene, peaceful, magical little places that Simon asked me to marry him. I said yes, I've been waiting to say yes for fifteen years, so I didn't need a second thought. Mum and Dad were in on the secret and had been for weeks-so there part in it was giving the children a lovely holiday whilst we enjoyed the rare and precious chance to be simply together.
This morning we found a ring in the jewellers a few yards from our home. This ring picked me, it made me shake and my stomach lurch when I put it on, though I wouldn't have picked it out in a million years the ring wanted me. It is second hand and I get very good feeling from it, like it wants to see another wedding and long marriage. It has Rubys in too, which are my birth stone, I feel like a very lucky person, blessed by the love of a good man and the support of a kind family.
Here are Simon and I about to set of yesterday to the wedding of some good friends. We had a brilliant tine, and I managed not to cry the whole day.


chris, milatos said...

congratulations, The ring is gorgeous. I have been to Amsterdam 3 times and love it.

trash said...

Woohooo! Bloggy wedding!!!!!

Poppy Cottage said...

Congratulations. The ring is really lovely


Gwen said...

Big congratulations from across the pond! I'm so very happy for you!

Purple and Paisley said...

congrats, my friend! your ring is gorgeous (and so is your man! =D)

i'm so happy for you, jenny...miss you and think of you often...give your kids hugs from me!...♥♥♥

Griffin said...

Ooh! Hurrah! Congratulations and well done that man for getting you!... and you for getting him!

The ring called to you?!! Er, it doesn't have Elvish writing on the inside by any chance?... my precioussss!

So now you'll need to get a wedding dress... sigh! Lovely picture of the pair of you too, cute couple!!

wonderwoman said...

many. many congratulations - such a lovely post - the ring looks amazing!
big hugs!!


Simply H said...

Hurrah! Fab news Jenny, many congratulations xxxxxxx

gill said...

Congratulations and much love - your ring is gorgeous!!

karen said...

are you inviting all your blog friends!?? Kind of a makey wedding do??? I can do the favours??

JuliaB said...

Ahhhhh! Congratulations!! I saw on FB that you had changed status but I thought it must be one of those funny anomalies as I thought you were already engaged, but I have to admit to a shedding of tear when I read your post. How lovely!! xxxxxxxx

Jackie said...

Oooh squeeeeaaalll! Now what colour icing are you having on your wedding cake I wonder?
Congratulations. I had a second hand engagement ring too..(Unfortunately I lost it or t may have been stolen on holiday in Italy so its on its third hand now) and I've been married 33 years.