Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I have twelve projects on the go, that I can think of, off the top of my head. I have a list of things I am planning to make which is fifteen items long, at the moment, but hey give it ten minutes and it will double. You know that advert for loo cleaner where they go on about germs multiplying to millions over night and then being released into the atmosphere in a huge cloud to do their evil work....that's what happens in my head to projects. Short of squirting Domestos in my ear-holes each evening I find the only way to control the monsters is with lists. I have named and shamed all my half finished creations and am working to bring them to life on the marble slab. (dining room table!) My problem is of course a total lack of will power and when I saw this fantastic swap idea on Sams blog I just HAD to sign up. There is still time of you fancy getting involved, you know, if you've nothing else on at the moment. (If you really do have nothing else on I am currently looking for an Egor to my Frankenstein, I do think 'staff' might be the way to go!)
Thanks to all of you who have been so enthusiastic about the picnic. I am really looking forward to Sunday, and have discovered so many new and gorgeous local blogs, which is really very very exciting.


trashalou said...

uhoh! Have just sent you an email about the rainbow swap. Timing has never been my forte ;-) Never mind.

Griffin said...

What?! Lack of will power? Clearly you need a lie down with a glass of wine and some chocs!

Not sure it will increase your will power, but it will make you feel good!!

JuliaB said...

Hi Jenny
I have lots of things waiting for the slab too but not as organised as you I haven't written lists - note to self! Have fun on Sunday! x

meplusmolly said...

Hi! bless you, not enough pairs of hands!!
Hope the picnic goes well sunday, am sad :( as I will miss it but am away to visit my folks over the bank hol. enjoy! ;0 x

Jackie said... need elves.

karen said...

hope your picnic was fun! Have been thinking about it all day.