Saturday, 22 August 2009

Back once again with the renegade master...

I am back from York, and we had a brilliant time- lots of playing with these monkeys, (plus one more who was too tiny to appear here- just two weeks!) two are mine and there are two more sets of siblings, a two and a three, can you guess who belongs together? We are at Newby hall here, which is brilliant, I balked at the ticket price but it was so worth it. There was even a sculpture exhibition with hammer, goggles and chisels for the children to have a go- we got a good half hour of relative peace whilst they bashed away! Our hosts were good enough to offer to have our children one day so that Simon and I could browse in York and they even gave us some birthday sending money! First stop was Bettys, before the rush began.I had a delicious china tea with rose petals which was very special, and a fat rascal- a huge warm cross between a scone and rock cake. It was lovely as always. We did a bit more mooching, I shopped at Craft Basics which is my favourite of the York craft shops, then on to Borders, we were lucky enough to visit on a day with 25% off with a voucher from the Guardian. I sat on the floor with a stack of lovely crochet books but settled on this Nicky Epstein one, I could see so many brilliant ideas here and can't wait to have a little play. It was great to celebrate Simon's birthday in York and I settled on a tree stump cake- mainly because it could be made from Marks and Spencer Swiss rolls which everyone knows are the best shop ought cake in the world for the money. Simon's sister and I descended into hysterical giggles putting this together, but it was delicious- and unusually for me required no green butter icing!

So we are back home for the last couple of weeks of the holiday- I am making the final push on the secret project, I've packaged up my P-I-F parcel and really feel like I'm really making progress. I also was lucky enough to receive a give away package from Wanda. Look at this cute little bird charm, and I love the buttons and lace- thanks so much for another sweet parcel Wanda, you are very generous. I have also had some more thoughts on the Kent crafters picnic- so if you fancy meeting here on Sunday 30th at 11am, do please come along and bring your picnic. I will dedicate the next post to the picnic wit some more details and hopefully a little roll call of those coming along. See you soon!


Tabiboo said...

Fat Rascal's yum!! You lucky thing.

Nina x

Daisie said...

So glad that you all had a good time :-)
We were in a different borders that sunday, gotta love the guardian!! A quarter of your books for free, my bestest kinda shopping!!

karen said...

I have never been to York but have always ''thought'' about it. Must make the effort. and do you have any of that cake left???????

Jackie said...

'm a bit disappointed there's no green cream..maybe a bit of moss on the tree trunk?
My son used to live in Yorl and we always went to Bettys when we left his house.The food is great but the people watching is the best.

wonderwoman said...

looks like a great time - love that crochet book!


sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hello hello, I just dicovered you via Granny Fairyglade and Pomona two more Kent girlies. I wish I could come to your picnic, I am West Kent on the sussex border but definately A lady of KENT!

Unfortunately we will be away in Devon all weekend, but I am sure it will be a great success.

Perhaps a Christmas jolly? What do you think?

Have a brilliant get together at the weekend, Sarah :D x

twiggypeasticks said...

We love York and go there often, usually involving a visit to the National Railway Museum. did you visit Angels? I love that shop, Christmas all year round - magic !!
Twiggy x