Monday, 23 July 2012

Working on the chain....gang

Thanks so much for all your words of comfort and encouragement on the last post, another last today- my last morning 'working' at the charity shop-but I got a rather nice denim jacket for £3.71 so every cloud... These two stitch samples have also been signed off . The blue one is chevron stitch. I love the dynamism of the central strip of stitches, this stitch would be great for electricity pylons  or anything with a 1950's vibe. I also really liked working the stitch over gingham and as a couching stitch. 

This yellow sample is chain stitch. I thought I 'knew' chain stitch, but it's amazing what new ideas came to me whilst just playing about. 
Both of these samples were worked in my table-stand hoop. I would really like to buy some cheap hoops the same size and mount all my samples up on a wall. This way I could just grab one down when I needed a little inspiration and if I was ever lucky enough to run a workshop or little lessons I could take my samples along. Next is couching which is one of all my all time favourite techniques. I wonder if this will make it harder or easier to come up with some really unusual techniques? 

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Annie said...

Such fab pieces of work Jenny. Isn't it amazing how many ways you can use the simply little cross stitch? Just fab.
A x
ps would you mind removing word verification?