Saturday, 21 July 2012

blanket coverage

Hey you! How are you? I'm hanging on in here- just. We have two weeks left in Kent now and our house remains available! That's a link back there, if you fancy a look at it, or more importantly if you fancy buying it- honestly we are on the edge of a world class golf club so this would be the perfect retreat for a golfer type- if you know one please forward the link! (excuse me- is my desperation showing? ;0) )

Sewing is much thinner on the ground now everything must be kept neat and tidy. I have completed my stitch samples for blanket stitch- I went a bit over the top and produced this little lot. I have about another 20-30 samples to complete for the course so it's a handy distraction.

I have also got some knitting on the needles for....wait for it.......for ME. I have never managed to make a garment for an adult before- well nothing which could be worn in anger- so fingers crossed this ends up O.K. I say fingers crossed but actually knitting seems to play havoc with my hands, making them numb the morning after an evening of knitting. I use wooden needles and makes starfish hands at the end of my rows, but I have noticed that Mum knits differently to me- I completely drop my needle but Mum uses a kind of crochet wrap to allow her to loop her wool without the drop. Does this make sense? I wonder if this might help my hands but don't want to fiddle with a new technique half way through a garment in case it buggers my tension. As if I didn't have enough to fret about without worrying I'm knitting 'wrong', oh well I guess a little bit of displacement worry never hurt anyone. 

We are moving in with Mum and Dad when we head to Dorset, this is just until we can sort out a rental property in the town in which we want to live. I'm sure it will feel just like a big holiday until September. I will try to keep in touch here a bit more but....well perhaps you understand that writing things down sometimes makes them seem more Real, most of the time I manage not to think about the kids not having school places, about walking into a playground with no familiar faces, about saying goodbye to our friends here who I love like family......yep mostly I just clean things and worry about for me!! 


Daisie said...

Oh it must be so hard, we nearly had a big relocation but it all went tits up (so to speak) so we didn't have all the planning and worry in practice (just before hand in theory), can't imagine how it must feel when it's really happening!
Keep knitting! By drop the needle do you mean completely let go of the right hand needle to wrap the wool round because I do that and people always say it's odd.... doesn't make my hands sore though.... xxx

karen said...

oh I love your house! How can it not be sold.....I wish you all the best in your new life

trash said...

Friendly faces in Dorset (and Wiltshire) waiting to have a real life meetup.

Lyn said...

Good luck with the sale of the house and with the move to Dorset. I am sure it will be fine. I don't knit that much, not enough to make my hands sore so can't help you I'm afraid.

Annie said...

Good luck with all the moving plans.
Knitting?....Jo and I both knit but we were obviously taught by different people cos I take my hand off to wrap the wool round but Jo doesn't. Results are the same but I think Jo knits a bit quicker than me. I've tried her method and struggled so always go back to what I know [I knit and watch telly normally so often don't look at my hands as I knit so familiar method is best].
A x