Sunday, 4 March 2012


I do respond well to a deadline. It's a fact. I HAD to get my kitsch creations ready for Wednesday- you can't host a swap and be late. So that is what I did, and when you're in 'the zone' it's amazing how much else follows on. I have now had handmade tassels signed off. Tassel making is not going to be my future career- a simple bound tassel? Bring it on! Cover the head in button hole stitch you say? Jog on! I'm just no good, still it's good to know ones limitations, yes? 

Also signed of is reverse applique on the machine. I used back velvet as the top layer so it has stuck to all the little bits of fluff created by cutting back the layers beneath, this has irritated me, but I know that I can sort it out with some sellotape. I am itching to get stuck into this sample with some hand stitching once the course is over. I really want to strengthen the plant stems and add some beading.

Finally faux chenille. I love this technique and have always done it with scraps of fabric before, but the course called for nice neat layers all the same size so that is what I did. Since taking this shot the sample has had a trip through the wash so it's now fluffier then a fluffy thing and twice as pleasing

So, would you like to see what I sent to my blogversary draw winner; Gill? I collected a budgie tray cloth, a shell rabbit and some dyed shells from the charity shop. I bought the flamingo and the glittery hearts and found inspiration for my 'made' piece in Molly Makes magazine. The cuckoo clock was featured in he mag as a stitchery design but I cut the pattern into felt pieces and appliqued them onto some mad fabric. I turned this into a wall hanginf,  though I realise that it might be hard to find the right spot for it in a modern, tastefully decorated home!  

I sent a similar package to Maria. She also received a cuckoo clock hanging and some glittery hearts on sticks. I also found a glittery hanging cake- made a hamma bead battenburg cake coaster (words I never thought I'd put in the same sentence)! A fat quarter of kitten fabric, a cherry dangle- with diamonds- let's use our imaginations here! Finally the charity shop offered up a tiny bag of cute little plastic buttons and charms. These parcels gave me the most fun I've had in a long time. I think I have a strong taste for tat and it was great to indulge it without having to persuade Simon that all these wonderful things really did deserve house room! Thanks for taking part ladies. 


Gill said...

Thanks Jenny!!
I loved my parcel!

Gina said...

Really like your reverse applique sample.