Monday, 24 October 2011

manipulation, oh manipulation, manipulation that's what you need

Here are my latest efforts, and another little section ticked off on the course. I burnt my little fingers several times fiddling about and ironing the pleated samples, and almost set light to some calico trying to get a fold to stay in, but it was amazing to see the different effects achieved pretty quickly.

I absolutely loved making the rolled beads and I can certainly see myself weaving fabric again. I remember doing some manipulation for GCSE textiles and recollect enjoying it then too. I can see me going to town with colour next time but the discipline of using neutrals has been good and it has been really good to see the textures.
I have been working on smocking this week, which kept me occupied on the train journeys home. I went back for my Aunts funeral, I don't know what to say about her loss- it was sad- too soon- not fair-when someone dies in their prime it is always the same sentiment. She leaves my Uncle and two sons one of 20 and one of 23. She didn't want to leave them, and no one wanted her to go. There, I'm sure it will all soften with time- but we won't forget- she was too damn great to be forgotten.


Tabiboo said...

I love your manipulation Jenny and I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt.

Nina x

Nila said...

These are all so beautiful, I particularly love the rolled beads - gorgeous.

Sending you a big hug ( ).

love nila

Trash said...

Oh Jenny so sad when you lose someone you love too soon. Love love to you.

Lyn said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt, so sad.

I love the samples you have done, they look ever so fiddly!

wonderwoman said...

Im so very sorry to read of your loss - having lost my mum rwcently i know how hard it is. Am sending you lots of hugs. Xxxxx

Anonymous said...

the rolled beads are so clever!! they would make a really pretty headband!

Griffin said...

Love weaving... er even though I've only had a go at it once!!

Not fair when the ones we want to stay, go and the ones we want to go, stay...yes Chancellor, you!