Friday, 24 July 2009


Father forgive me, for I have shopped. I spent a great deal of time and angst clearing some more stash to give Simon some space for when he starts his course. Then I slipped, one text from my friend who works at Jems to tell me that the sale had started and I bundled Will onto the Canterbury bus. We had an ace morning, shopping for some new clothes for him, mooching in Paperchase (very dangerous) and then lunching at Pizza Express. I was actually very restrained with this little chair full of loveliness, some fabric, wool and packs of buttons. The buttons were from The Works and were just £1 each. I got everything home safe and sound, (including Will. After his massive lunch he threatened to be sick on the bus!) quickly set it out to be photographed and then set about putting it away. Will was watching and our conversation went like this; me; 'don't tell Daddy about my shopping will you?' Will; 'why?' me; 'because he thinks I have too much stuff and shouldn't buy anymore' Will; 'that's not very nice because you like it don't you?' me 'yep' Will;'so you're just going to ignore him and keep doing it aren't you?' me; 'yep'. He' got my measure hasn't he?
I have been meaning to have a give away for a while now. I was sent this book by Search Press to knit some cakes for the Makey 'do', and when it looked obvious that I already had too much on my plate they lent me some cakes from the photo shoot for the book. I still wanted to knit some cakes to give away with the book but frankly my Swiss roll was a bit of a dodgy colour and my slice of gateau was badly stuffed so I am too ashamed to show them and they are now in with Anna's' play food. I hasten to add that this is all down to my own in-adequacy and is in no way the fault of this lovely book. There are patterns here for all abilities and tastes and they were fun to make. A set for a little girl as play food would be an amazing Christmas gift, and I'm sure there are lots of other situations where a knitted Viennese Whirl would be required. If you would like this fabulously fun book- maybe to help a beginner knitter through some projects to learn new skills through the school holidays- just leave a comment telling me what your favourite cake of all time is. International entries are welcome. If you just want the book without depending on lady luck then Search Press has a brilliant website. My work on the secret squirrel projects continues, I am sewing and knitting like a loon and loving it!


niftyknits said...

did someone say "giveaway"?

I saw the cakes on display, they really did look scrummy. My favourite cake of all time is known in our family as "vinegar cake". I blogged the recipe a while back

karen said...

I honestly thought you had made those cakes. If you hadn't said anything I would still be marvelling at your knitting talents!

Pomona said...

Muffins! I have a pretty nifty all-purpose infinitely variable muffin recipe, and my two favourite flavours, depending on mood and season, are either apple or double chocolate. I think I will have to blog about it as it is such a handy recipe. Knitted cake is probably better for the waistline though!

Pomona x