Friday, 31 July 2009

Giveaway draw and silky puffs of gorgeousness!

Well the big day has arrived- the draw for the recipient of the knitted cake book. Will has just walked into the room and I am asking him to pick number one, two, or three......he has said......FREE! (that's three). So congratulations to Pomona, my newest bloogy pal, let me know your postal address and I'll get it off to you. With any luck I'll be seeing Pomona for real at the Kent Makers Picnic on Sunday the 30th of August, are you coming along?
I had a bit of mystery post this morning which was very exciting....who do I know who would have sent such a crisp white ribbon wrapped parcel....why Karen of course! These gorgeous puffs of white silk were an un-necessary but very lovely thank you for some magazines I passed on to Karen at the 'do'. I am going to display them in a turned bowl to begin with but would really like to be able to crochet some flowers in purple and green for them to nestle in the centre of. Unfortunately crochet is not a strong point. I bought a magazine course of crochet at the summer fair at primary school and taught myself a bit, but haven't touched it since. My chains are rubbish, with no tension at all. I was chatting to Mum and she talked some sense into me. 'When you learnt to knit you were very little and just happy to mange it, you didn't worry about the tension on a scarf for teddy, then you spent years just practising the basics', good old Mum, I do find I am often held back by not being as good as others from day one, and don't really give myself time to practise and make mistakes. Dress making, machine embroidery, crochet, I would love to be brilliant at all of these but write myself off before I start because 'I'm no good at them'. I have, therefore resolved that I am going to get a book from the library and take some hooks and yarn on holiday with us next week. We are off camping in the New Forest and so there might be a moment (!) when I can ditch the self judgment and just play.


Pomona said...

Thank you so much - I have emailed you post haste! And what a lovely distraction from some boring work!

Pomona x

Griffin said...

"I would love to be brilliant at all of these but write myself off before I start because 'I'm no good at them'." Ahem, I am a lot like that myself!

I would love to be good at making clothes, but need the noive to have a go at it.

Have fun in the New Forest... I recommend packing clothing for Simon... that way the pirate shirt and boots can get in the suitcase!!

Emma Loves Stitching said...

I know what you mean, I've recently finished a crochet corse and defo felt like throwing it in because I just couldn't get it..........but with some patience it all started to make sense. I had to get over the fact it wasn't going to be perfect and that my tension wasn't always right but god damn it I can know say I can crochet-not like the best-but it doesn't look like one of my children has attacked it and I can make a mean crochet flower!!

Happy holiday crocheting and if all elese fails remember your on holiday and you're allowed to relax!!

Emma :)


I can sew, but an useless at knitting and crochet, always wanted to knit! My mum took around 5 years to complete a tank style top for me, (about 25 years years ago! ) and it was still to big and very very large holes, which we laughed at, because when I put it on my 'fried eyes' stuck out the holes. needless to say, I never wore it. But back then, putting other tops on underneath wasn't the thing to do... Kx

niftyknits said...

I'm the opposite - I think maybe *because* I'm a knitter I find I can be much freer when I crochet, I give myself far more permission to make mistakes.

karen said...

so glad you like them. Have a fantastic holiday!