Friday, 20 June 2014

Lofty ambitions

I have a loft room. I used to get really jealous of people who have a dedicated place to work, now that's me! I have to be honest- I haven't spent masses of time up top because I like company but I'm sure I will creep up more and more often when I get used to not being part of the melee! 

I have really crammed my materials in- there is always more than you think isn't there? So much wool, thread, fabric, beads, paints and BOOKS. Oh my gosh the quantity of it all is obscene......and wonderful! It's a tip already. Perfect, I can't get my juices flowing in a sterile environment can you? 

I have also had a nudging mail from my City and Guilds tutor, no I haven't been making much progress lately, what with the moves and the building work and and and..enough excuses. I have sought advice and cracked on with my 'seeding' sample. I haven't sent images for approval yet but hopefully I won't have to do too much more to add this to my file. 

In truth I should be able to finish the course this year if I pull my finger out. Of course there are always distractions;

 Anna will be 8 next week and as such she has invited 8 friends round for her party. We will be screening the first Harry Potter film interspersed with little activities. One of the tasks is to rescue an owl from Fluffy so I have made ten owl familiars for them to save. The pattern is free and available here.
Plenty more distractions are calling but I shall try to be strong and stick to the City and Guilds like Bondaweb until it is signed, sealed and delivered. 


Woolly cluck said...

Love it! My craft room will soon be up and running, too. And love your embroidery, anothet thing we have in common. Happy crafting :-)

Jackie said...

Just keep at it, no excuse now you have your space.

Gina said...

Love the little owls

Lyn said...

lovely messy craft room/workroom....just like mine!
Love those owls and what a great idea for the party. xxx

Lyn said...

Hello Jennyflower!
I was working my way down my blog list and wonder how you are getting on?
Have you decided not to blog any more? it is hard to keep on top of isn't it. Hope you are well.

Ayvin said...

Sweet ^^ You are creating wonderful things!