Sunday, 1 December 2013

On the first day of advent

my true love sent to me...a penguin in an Acer tree. Hello! Are you getting the festive glittering feeling down in you toes? I have my own advent calender this year and as a way of getting you feeling all childlike and excitable I can thoroughly recommend it. Mine has beauty treats in which is ironic as the boiler has decided to make hot water in only two minute bursts so ablutions at the moment are both stressful and a little too 'invigorating'.
So the big news around here is that the 'Magical Stitchery Tour' has delivered it's first home party. We taught five people to crochet granny squares and helped a sixth make a cute crochet Robin. Nice work! It was really good fun and we are in the process of looking at venues and designing some six week 'learn to' courses for the new year. I have also completed a secret project, begun a crochet shawl/scarf combo for a gift and have avoided doing my City and Guilds. I am being a bit rubbish about doing my course work actually. The shiny sparkly newness of it has all worn off now and I don't really know how to get my ass in gear again. Maybe having a work room will help and apart from the lack of stairs up to it the actual attic room is coming on really well. I think builder fatigue is also a problem, they are so nice but a month of not having the house to ourselves is wearing pretty thin. I think if the builders had been any less than lovely I might have knocked them out with a roof joist actually, and I'm usually such a hospitable soul.
The felt decorations pictured above were designed and made by myself to tout at a craft fair, they didn't sell but will be the samples of 'festive felt' for courses next winter. It's all good! xxxxx

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