Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Four needles, an adventure.

I was tempted. Not even forty hours in a desert and I succumbed. I'm sure you get those e-mails too; Deramores sale, Hancocks sale, Search Press sale. I was sucked in and spent a happy time filling my basket with books. I will show you the others at some point but today let's talk about Arne and Carlos. I love these guys, they are super cute. Mum had great fun kitting Christmas baubles from their first book but I was scared. I was scared of all that five needle action- the potential for disaster. I said 'I can't do that' I was wrong. This Easter book was in the 'Hurt Books' section of the Search Press website, and it did have a slightly bashed corner but it was cheap because of it's damage and it seriously didn't detract from the contents of the book one bit.Attempt one at knitting an egg can be seen above and to the left- yes it's a ball. I was so damned pleased with myself for not poking my eye out with one of the five (!) needles I was using I rather lost sight of the actual Pattern. Anyhow, that little ball under my belt, as it were, I tried a proper fair isle egg. Now my tension when stranding is as we have previously seen a bit uptight so all was well until I broke off the second colour of wool to finish the top section of my 'egg' and it all suddenly got a lot....floppier. Basically I ended up with a pear rather than an egg and had a bit of a crisis of confidence. Later though I saw that my pear was actually Matroyshka shaped! I added a felt head scarf and face and Bobs your Uncle and Anika's your Pear! 

Of course now that double endeds had been conquered I needed to really push the boundaries and try........socks! These beauties came out on the large size after convincing myself that my ankles were as fat as a 'large man's. They are great over another pair and under my walking boots though- I know- I have worn them thus! Everyone I know will be getting socks for Christmas =fact. Knitting socks is magic, it is quick , cheap, jolly, satisfying, a bit clever and showy offy. What is not to like? Finally I needed to show you the cute rabbit I made for the Chain Gang Easter swap. The pattern is Free and came from here. I changed the face a bit and added a scarf to reflect the chill weather. I was very very lucky to receive a swap gift made by Sarah and I will show that soon, probably along with about a dozen more socks! 


busybusybeejay said...

I love all the things you have knitted.I have to warn you sock knitting is quite addictive.i have that addiction along with blanket making.looking forward to seeing more socks.Barbara

Heather Leavers said...

DPNs are the mainstay of my life, I have knitted with 7 on one occasion! I'm on socks right now too, but I'm trying a new (to me) method of using two circular needles at the same time. Sounds insane, but it's actually easier than DPNs. Trust me, I'm a knitter ;-)

Your socks look super comfy, and I'm impressed you persevered and knitted the second sock. I always think socks and gloves are a treat if knitting for someone needing less than two.

Griffin said...

You're turning into Knitting Nora! Before long you'll be knitting boats and cars! But a Cyril the two-headed tiger would be good!