Monday, 11 March 2013

Wanna take a 'peekatmyknees'?

Ha- good job I am still knitting up scarves what with the foul bitter depressing weather we've got! I actually crocheted the boa from a ball of gypsy which cost me less than £4 on offer. The rather lush number on the right took three balls of something who's band I threw away, I want  to say carnival? That cost about £12 to make in total and I started and finished it during half term- hooray! I have visited three very different wool shops over the last few weeks. I find it fascinating how much layouts, range and degree of friendliness differ. I would actively want to visit one shop again and that is Wool in Bath.  I visited with my Mum and Auntie on Saturday as our mothers day treat and I could have spent a great deal more money and more time in 'Wool'- though definitely Google map it if you are planning a trip to Bath- you would be unlikely to stumble upon it otherwise. 

Here also in Pekinesse stitch, this is a looped stitch worked over a back stitch base. I wanted to use neutral threads to allow the texture of the stitch to be the star of the sample and I'm pleased with how it has come out. 
We have also found another house which we hope to buy, after the first just sort of didn't seem to happen. There will be lots to do to make it ours but I am really looking forward to rediscovering old friends in the packing cases (not literally you understand rather I mean books and the right size crochet hooks and some more quilting safety pins etc. etc.). Stay snug. XX


Daisie said...

Love the stripy rippled number, very nice indeed :)

Will keep my fingers crossed for your new home becoming your sooner rather than later!


Indigo Blue said...

I love your city and guilds work. You mentioned in an earlier post about having to re-register. I had to do this as I became pregnant half way through. Planned but thought it would take longer to happen! All worked out in the end and I passed. Maybe not as highly as I would have liked but nappies and feeds did have to go alongside the samples etc.