Thursday, 23 August 2012

One year on.

What a year! As Simon helped me out of my wedding dress just over a year ago he said; 'So,now we're married, what's the next big thing?' I replied 'Moving back to Dorset?'. I expected him to laugh in my little over made-up face...but our first anniversary the house was on the market we had new jobs and have found a house to rent in Dorchester. (I am also two stone lighter which is nice!).
Unfortunately all the upheaval has made blogging super difficult- half our techno gear is three hundred miles away and the decent camera in Dorset downloads to the rubbish computer in Kent. This is fairly representational of our life in general; half here, half there, but generally moving box by box, commitment by commitment to Dorset.
I have been to making my first foray into the Dorset crafting 'scene'. Last Thursday I  met with some really lovely ladies in cafe Neros for a Knit and Natter. I am working on a jumper for myself- pictures to follow! Yesterday Dorchester library held a beading class where I had my first attempt at spiral stitch and managed to make a little bracelet. People are super nice and relaxed- not competitive or show offy at all- brilliant! There does seem to be a demand for more clubs and classes so the master plan is to totally nail my city and guilds and then try to get a little stitching club together at a mutually convenient time. It does seem that any clubs that do run self select for the retired, meeting on week day afternoons, running over school pick up times. This is such a shame as I think everyone benefits from seeing how lots of different people make things and sharing ideas and techniques. Do you craft in private or have you managed to find a group of like mindeds? If you run a club can you give me any tips? I am thinking of approaching the library and local pubs or cafes to see if I can find a free venue? Thoughts please friends! xxxxx


Annie said...

Hi. Good to hear from you. Jo and I used to go to a knitting group in the cafe of our local theatre for free. It's worth asking any public space. Good luck.
A x

Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

So happy to have found your blog - your stitching is gorgeous, and although silversmithing is the way I mainly craft, I do love a little stitching, and really want to get back into it at some point. I am involved in Open Studios next month and really hope to meet other artists and makers that way. Belinda x

Poppy Cottage said...

Blimey is that really a year ago??????

And Hey!! Welcome to Dorset!!

Just over the hill in Bridport so if you have time and fancy meeting up or coming over to Bridport for a cuppa give me a shout.

The wool shop in Bridport has a knit and Natter on Tuesday 5 - 8 but they hold it in the pub and I stopped going as I found it too uncomfortable. I'd love to go to a craft/knit evening.

Take care x

Daisie said...

A whole year, blimey!! Wat else can I say really?! x

home to roost said...

Hi Jenny - we work in Dorch and love crafting and Number35, so let's meet up! Are you on Twitter? Sarah and Lizzie x

home to roost said...

Hi Jenny, Lizzie and I work in Dorch, and love crafting and Number 35. We'd love to meet up. Sarah x

Nanette Merrill said...

How fun to have a new life like that. Good for you.

Jackie said...

I was just thinking about you and how I hadn't heard about you for a while so I thought I'd catch up. I am very envious of your new home county! As you know I love Dorset. We had a week there and I didn't get round to organising a meet up.
As far as arts and so on I think Bridport seems more promising than Dorchester. I'm not an expert but a visit to the Arts centre made me realise there's quite a lot going on there.There was a roomful of knitted garden there! I think I prefer Bridport to Dorchester as a town . Mostly independent shops .
Anyway I hope all settles down and you find your groove in Dorset. Lots of lovexx