Monday, 11 June 2012

Cherry reds

I have so enjoyed knitting these diddy jumpers, they are all ready to be posted off in project 'keep the house clear and tidy'.  If you fancy making some for a very good cause here is the linky link again.

Whilst you're here do you want to see what my two pet nutters have been up to lately? Here they are dressed up ready for their school jubilee parties. Will's had a 1950's theme whilst Anna's was a more straight forward red, white and blue. They both had great fun.

Here they are modelling their fruity jewellery, you got to love cherries! 
Things are moving along here, house on the market, stomach in knots. Still time for a few giggles though, always time for giggles! xxx


Daisie said...

oh my goodness,w hen did Anna get all big and grown up?! x

wonderwoman said...

they are sooo cute!! Wow you have been busy!xxxx

Lyn said...

I am glad there is still time for giggles!

Twiggy said...

Ha ha there must always be time for giggles - I like the idea of accessories you can eat :)
twiggy x