Sunday, 26 February 2012

Scratching the kitsch-itch

How are things with you guys? I really hope life is treating you well. We have been back to Dorset for half term, always a pleasure. Mum and Dad treated the kids to a 'new to them' bike each which bought us all so much joy. Watching the kids get their confidence up and down the terrace where I too learned to ride with my big brother was magic. Simon and I got a night away which is always a treat, we caught up with family who we haven't seen in ages and an Aunt of mine who Anna hadn't even met before- how crazy is that? Especially as they got on like a burning building! Our week back has been a bit less relaxing; Will needed to be collected from school as he had split his chin falling from some play equipment. I think we have been lucky to make this our first A&E trip in a combined 13 years of child herding, but I'm not in any hurry to make up for lost time! Will is fine and the steri-strips can come off on Tuesday. I was also under a little pressure to get my C&G design module 'Texture' ready for internal verification. Now you know that these modules are not my favourite but I'm pleased to say that my work passed and this has now been thoroughly signed off. Pictures above because I'm blessed if I can figure out how to move them!
I have been beavering away on my Kitsch creations. Gill is the winner of the draw (welcome to my new followers!) and with a posting deadline of Wednesday for the swap I hope to be taking all manner of sparkly silliness to the post office this week. Please let me know when your parcels arrive/are sent fellow swappers, then I can rest easy in my cosy bed.

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