Wednesday, 9 November 2011

This is a no smocking area.

Well clearly it isn't really! I now have smocking both traditional and contemporary all ticked off. This is good huh? I liked smocking, it was fun. My traditional sample on the red and white gingham turned out very teeny tiny, I don't mind that, I can do teeny tiny. I struggle more with 'contemporary' I wonder what that means really.

I think what is required is the use of unusual materials, a different scale perhaps. This isn't a problem right? Well maybe a tiny problem- because I like tidy and neat. I like things to be practical and useful- washable, long lasting. I need a glass of red at least before I can contemplate sewing with......I don't know....entrails or something! Talking of entrails do you like my little monsters? Will had a Halloween disco to go to this year. The whole school of eight classes danced to 'Thriller' on the back playground. What a sight 200 odd zombies all twitching and writhing in the flood lights. Anna was not the only younger sibling to get a little freaked out!
I have just sent photos of buttons to my tutor to see if they pass muster- then I can show you too. I hope you are all feeling happy and chipper, and none of you got nibbled by vampires! xx


Twiglet said...

Gorgeous smocking - I really love doing it too. My daughter had lots of smocked frocks until she was about 7 and then dug her heels in and refused to wear them!! I have made quite a few for the new little girls in our family but mostly they wear the trendy stuff so they don't really get the wear they deserve!!

Daisie said...

Super posh smocking!! x

gill said...

I love your smocking - I haven't done any since my daughter was tiny! (she's 22 now!)