Friday, 9 September 2011

Eye eye-lets be 'avin you

So everyone is back to school. Will has started at the junior school and is doing so well, he is so full of enthusiasm and curiosity- it really makes me proud. That's my job right? As a mother we are allowed to be proud yes? It seems to be proud of ourselves is unacceptable as adults- but it still makes me glow in a way nothing else can when my parents tell me I make them proud- how nice! x
The return to routine has allowed me to attempt some more City and Guilds catch up. I have now been ticked off for eyelets and cutwork. I had a nice time playing with various ideas and materials.

I also bit the bullet and had a go at space dying. The children helped and we dripped different cold water dyes onto various materials and threads. We managed not to make too much mess- though when I blew my nose later I ended up with a purple present! This was an exercise in learning a technique rather than trying to achieve a particular end product so I can use these materials for stitch samples etc. if I want to. I think I would do it again for something very special but it was a bit of a palaver. I wonder if painting with a large brush and watered down fabric paint would have had a similar effect?
Finally I also had another outing with the sketchbook and challenged myself to work with charcoal to make my marks more definite. I am pretty pleased with the outcome. The children came with me and also worked in their little sketchbooks, it was nice to see their results showing the freedom which I am trying to find. I need to do more design work for my course .....unless I can get the kids to do it!


Pomona said...

Love your eyelets!

Pomona x

wonderwoman said...

absolutely love the colours ofyour fabric - gorgeous!


Tabiboo said...

Oh Jenny - it all looks really rather beautiful.

Yes - I think we have every right to feel proud.

See you next week.