Sunday, 17 July 2011

Rainbow bright (but no gween icing!)

Anna is 5. I was really chuffed with this cake it was a lemon sponge so tasted pretty darn yummy too and it was soooo easy- also brown Smarties are my favourite so you can see the added bonus for me! If you are wondering why Anna is half naked for her birthday tea it is because Daddy bought a hugely impractical and very cheap paddling pool as part of her birthday present and of course it was just about the biggest hit with the kids cavorting for hours!

Anna hasn't been the only one receiving gifts though, I took part in a 'where you live' swap organised my the fabulous antipodean. I received from Wonderwoman, which I knew would be a treat because I have been lucky enough to receive from her before. Maria went to town with hearts- and I'm so pleased she did. I have just posted a group shot here because the handmade lovelies have inspired and will form the backbone to the decorations for the wedding reception (in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS!!!!!!). So there will be more pictures of Maria's handiwork but it will be taken in situ at the big event! There was a really cute tiny book enclosed in the parcel which has given me some chuckles and actually some food for thought; 'Don'ts for Wives' from 1913. I plan to quote from this regularly so here is gem no.1; 'Don't moralise by way of winning back the love that seems to be waning. Make
yourself extra charming and arrange delicious dinners which include all your husband's favourite dishes'

I sent to Jo in Tas for my part in the swap and made a parcel based on all things English, or at least what English means to me. Lots of lavender and rose fragrances here. I bought a couple of elements, the needle case from a craft fair and the bag was made by Mum from a charity shop find of some vintage embroidered napkins. I made the large lavender pillow with paper piecing and could have seen more coming up if I wasn't so damn stressed out and busy with the wedding!
Off now to make myself charming and work out what tasty morsel I can offer my fiance this evening to make sure his love doesn't wane whilst I whirl around in a frenzy of bunting,coaster,lavender sachet,knitting and cake baking!


Tabiboo said...

Happy birthday Little Miss Anna - 5 wow, that is a big girl age.

Less then two weeks to go missus! Can't wait to see you then.

Nina xxxxxxxxxxxx

Jackie said...

I'm a July Birthday too, tomorrow..19th. I won't be having gween icing on my cake either. I'm a bit shocked there's none on Anna's cake. What about the wedding cake?

Jo in TAS said...

Happy 5th Birthday Anna! I totally loved your parcel to me, it's what I think of when I think English too
You received some lovely gifts from Marie

wonderwoman said...

what a cutie - sounds like she had a brilliant birthday!


Jan said...

What a gorgeous cake. Lovely gifts too.