Monday, 23 May 2011

Apply yourself

Yep I applied myself to make sure I am keeping up with the C&G assignments this term. In between times I hope to fit in catching up with last terms! Here you can see a half worked sample on inlay applique. I drew a simple shape an used Prick and Pounce to transfer it onto two squares of felt. The pieces are then cut out swapped over and sit within each other. I secured the pieces with simple stitches and seed beads. This is another sample which I will finish when the course is over. I would also like to play with this technique in Christmas colours and maybe three colours of felt.

The rest of the module called for playing with different methods of securing edges for other applique. I have used hand stitching, machine stitching and needle turned edges.I found the needle turned curves pretty tricky, perhaps this is something you just need to practise....a get good at?

So that's applique signed off. I am now working on my 'shape' design module. I have struggled with the previous design modules- I believe I have whinged about it before! I am trying really hard to allow myself to slow down and enjoy the exercises- to let myself have chance to produce something good.Lots of my other work has come back with positive comments, all signed off, no problems. My design units have bounced and bounced- to be honest I am not good at re-doing work- it feels like a failure - I do not enjoy the highest self esteem and I take anything I perceive as criticism very hard, which of course makes any sort of course with regular feedback pretty hard. I have a day of wedding crafting with some friends to look forward to tomorrow- if Will is back at school then- we are both suffering with some horrible achy viral number - I d hope Anna and Simon escape as we are off on hols next week. Hope you are all well and happy. xxx


Lyn said...

Looking good, I think you are doingreally well with the course. Have a good day tomorrow with your friends.

karen said...

your work is wonderful!! Have an amazing!!

wonderwoman said...

i think your work looks amazing and i don't know how you manage to find time to do it all!!

Poppy Cottage said...

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with blogs and comments, your work, as always looks fantastic.