Sunday, 9 May 2010

Dancing queen

Look at this little picture of poise and grace, do you think maybe I should have signed her up for disco rather than ballet? Anna did love her first ballet class and if they'll let her go again I think it will become a regular Saturday morning bit of mischief.

There hasn't been much sewing happening this week as I was baking for a MS cake break. I managed to make meringues, choc fridge cake, toffee brownies, cookies, fairy cakes, strawberry cheesecake muffins and teeny tiny cream tea tarts, a lovely friend made lemon sponge and Dutch apple cake. Lots of tea was drunk and obviously lots of cake eaten and over £100 raised! I am really pleased with the total and enjoyed the excuse to make large quantities of C-A-K-E
Back to the needle and thread now, at least I might have an excuse soon to knit a little cross over cardigan!


Lyn said...

oh my word they all look yummy!

Jude said...

delightful photo...your daughter looks like she really enjoyed the dancing...I keep eying up the cross over tops too and wonder whether I'll ever get the chance to knit one..Debbie Bliss has some lovely
patterns..but, who knows..??

Jenni said...

Jenny, Anna looks beautiful and so do the cakes!!! x

wonderwoman said...

wish i lived nearer - those cakes look scrumptious!!!!

Griffin said...

Cakes look great, but Anna definitely looks sweeter!! And definitely very cheeky!! :)

faeryfay said...

What a gorgeous ballet princess!

karen said...

she looks adorable! It's worth letting her go just for the outfits and the photo opportunities!!