Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Nice Mice

I have just realised how long it has been since I've blogged, the run up to the big C has peeked here, and now I feel like I'm on the home straight. The 'handmade' tree goes up in the church tomorrow. My lovely tree provider has also felt the time pressure and is providing a real tree rather than a fencing creation- maybe next year? Mum and Dad visited over the weekend and bought a Dorset contribution. How cute are these Angel mice, the mice are Uncle Ben's signature but the Angels are new and I am very impressed. Mum and Dad have also been making but I'll show those in the next post along with some pics of the tree if they come out O.K. Pomona has also been kind enough to share some of her stash in the form of three balls of ace wool which was a lovely surprise to open Leave a comment on his post if you would like to win a brown brooch made from the yarn in a kind of small scale P.I.F.

I was very relieved to finish my advent pockets before the 1st and am really happy with how they have come out. All 24 are different and are stuffed with little chocolate treats for the smalls. I kind of wish I had numbered them but.....frankly time was just too tight....maybe next year?
The Happy Zombie blog (link above) is well worth a visit with lots of cool free patterns for domestic use and they go together really well.
This is a bit of a bitty catch up post so I'm sorry for all the randomness, but there is a bit more. I always seem to tell you about the Embroiderers Guild meetings after I have been to them so here is advance warning that the East Kent guild has a meeting this Saturday at the John Baker White Memorial Hall, Lower Hardres. Doors open at 1.45pm. Our speaker for the Christmas meeting is the head of textiles for a local school and she is asking for textile stash rather than a speakers fee so that the girls at school have some new treasure. I love going to guild and it would be ace to see some fellow bloggers.


Lululiz said...

Angel mice, or mice angels, whichever way round, they are totally adorable.

Tabiboo said...

Love the wee angel mice.

Have fun at the church,

Nina x

wonderwoman said...

oh that mouse is just gorgeous!!!


niftyknits said...

sweet mice, lovely bunting pockets - and happy Christmas Jen!!!

julie said...

your christmas bunting pockets are lovely - they look so pretty there and the angel mice are so cute!

karen said...

love the banner!! It seems you have enough festive spirit for all of us!