Monday, 11 March 2013

Wanna take a 'peekatmyknees'?

Ha- good job I am still knitting up scarves what with the foul bitter depressing weather we've got! I actually crocheted the boa from a ball of gypsy which cost me less than £4 on offer. The rather lush number on the right took three balls of something who's band I threw away, I want  to say carnival? That cost about £12 to make in total and I started and finished it during half term- hooray! I have visited three very different wool shops over the last few weeks. I find it fascinating how much layouts, range and degree of friendliness differ. I would actively want to visit one shop again and that is Wool in Bath.  I visited with my Mum and Auntie on Saturday as our mothers day treat and I could have spent a great deal more money and more time in 'Wool'- though definitely Google map it if you are planning a trip to Bath- you would be unlikely to stumble upon it otherwise. 

Here also in Pekinesse stitch, this is a looped stitch worked over a back stitch base. I wanted to use neutral threads to allow the texture of the stitch to be the star of the sample and I'm pleased with how it has come out. 
We have also found another house which we hope to buy, after the first just sort of didn't seem to happen. There will be lots to do to make it ours but I am really looking forward to rediscovering old friends in the packing cases (not literally you understand rather I mean books and the right size crochet hooks and some more quilting safety pins etc. etc.). Stay snug. XX

Friday, 1 March 2013

30 hours of fun- for £9.99

I’m afraid I’ve taken a rather long time in getting around to writing a review of 30 minute knitsby Carol Medrum. No excuses, just a life packed to the gunnels at the mo. Also this book has been very much in use. I challenge you to find a book on your shelf from which you have made four projects with more which tickle your fancy! I started by making some cute coasters for Toby’s excellent coffee house- someone liked them so much they nicked one in the first week! Next I made a tippet, or a tiny neck scarf and then a collar. Finally I adapted the bird pattern to attempts a flamingo but I won’t share it here as the kids tell me it looks like a flying pig!

You may have seen patterns featured from this book in magazines and on web sites, you may be thinking; what’s the point of buying it, I’ve probably seen all the best bits. Not a bit of it, this book has sixty patterns- yep 60- for just shy of a tenner! There is plenty more to see here. I didn’t time myself making these projects so I can’t tell you if they were genuinely 30 minute projects but they certainly were Quick. I would also say because of their size and the variety of techniques this would be a brilliant book for the beginner knitter, there are some great instructions at the back for all necessary techniques so I reckon you could teach yourself to knit and make a great selection of projects over a holiday. Because the projects are all small the yarn cost involved is tiny. I always rummage through wool bargain bins and then wonder what on earth to do with the fabulous single ball - not any more. The projects are knitted with a variety of yarn weights too, so it’s not all super quick=super chunky. Next for me is the Easter chick, tiny ted and some baby booties, that’s the next hour and a half filled anyway! 

I have been reviewing Search Press titles for a while now so perhaps it's time I mentioned again what the deal is. Basically Search Press send me some books for free now and again and I say what I think of them. There is no editing before these reviews are published here, I am under no compunction to say nice things, I am not paid by Search Press in any other way than getting some rather lovely free books. I also choose what  I'd like to review the books are already self selected to suit me, if you get what I mean. Sometimes I hand books on through the blog if I don't think I'll use them again- and sometimes- like this time I keep them all to my greedy self because the are so lush! Hope that clarifies things. 

Hugs xxxx