Saturday, 29 May 2010

Wild boys swap

Am I regressing do you think? I mean how '80s does this look?! This is my second band from the book and required a little more concentration but still came together quickly. This will be my band for a pal which I'll send out as well as my swap package. I have a couple of names for the swap (see below for details), but the more the merrier and who wouldn't want to get a piece of this retro action. The swap is open to boys too- so if you fancy rocking the Morten look......ahhhaaaa happy days!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Friendship band swap

How to make Friendship Bracelets by Veronique Follet is a re-issued title from Search Press. Knotted friendship bracelets have such a universal and timeless appeal I can see how such a

title bears re-issuing. The diagrams in the book are very clear and require no more equipment than some thread and a safety pin. Once the basic two knots are mastered the book is full of pattern variations along a theme- some designs appear really quite complex. I have been working on the most basic design and am really pleased with the result, once the first row has been knotted there is a nice rhythm and the band grows at a satisfying pace. Because this is a re-issue some of the

original photographs now look a little dated but at £7.99 this is a good value title and would mean you could make up a really lovely gift with the book and threads for around £10. I can also see this being useful for a summer holiday diversion. I will certainly be making more bands for my daughter’s birthday party bags. I also hope to explore some of the more elaborate designs in a thicker thread for use as belts or bag straps. I think there’s a lot of potential here and as well as making some friendship bands for various pals and relatives I look forward to seeing how far I can push the technique, and also look forward to bringing the book out again in a couple of years when my children will be able to master the knots for themselves.

Here is my first completed band. So what do you reckon to a swap then? Just a small swap, leave a comment and I'll give you a name and address to send a friendship band to- you can put in some other tiny treats if you like but I'd suggest we keep this small- like a tiny jiffy bag swap. I'd also like to suggest, and this is entirely up to you, that you make up two parcels and send the second to a friend who you think might like a little gesture- a tiny R.A.K for someone. You can blog it if you like and tell a tale of friendship along the way. You don't need to buy this book to make a band, I'm sure there are on line tutorials, or library books etc. But if you feel like making something a bit different then the book does have some excellent ideas. Leave a comment by the end of Sunday and I'll send names out when I get back from holiday around the 5th of June. Parcels to go by the end of June and as the packages should be pretty small I'll make it an international swap

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Coo-eee I'm back

Well the computer is back and I can return to my little on line world- what a relief! I have been up to all sorts, firstly I couldn't resist making up some more little hair accessories- honestly Anna and I will have to start sporting elaborate high piled up dos to get all the hair clips I've made a regular outing!

I wasn't completely undisciplined though and did do some more work on the quilt, I have no idea how my maths will work out for this one, I seem to have a million triangles and no fabric left for the other blocks, I'm sure it will all come out in the wash.
Finally I put together a mobile from the felt balls and dreads I made on my day course, I added some felt shapes, beads and bells. I really like this and if I was still selling I might have been tempted to make more. Who knows though, maybe I will get chance to make another as part of my City and Guilds course. I'm seeing little embroidered origami shapes and all sorts!
I have received a big box of books to review from Search so will start doing a regular Wednesday review again, friendship bracelets will be first. I did wonder whether people might be up for a friendship bracelet swap? Something very simple and inexpensive to post but something to remind us of our on line pals? Let me know what you think.

It's lovely to be back. xxx

Sunday, 16 May 2010


Hello, just a naughty picture-less quickie to let you know that I have snuck onto Simon's work computer as ours is in having some work done. I will be back soon with any luck! Also to let you know that my City and Guilds application has been accepted so once I find the money it's all go for September- yipppeeee!!!!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Dancing queen

Look at this little picture of poise and grace, do you think maybe I should have signed her up for disco rather than ballet? Anna did love her first ballet class and if they'll let her go again I think it will become a regular Saturday morning bit of mischief.

There hasn't been much sewing happening this week as I was baking for a MS cake break. I managed to make meringues, choc fridge cake, toffee brownies, cookies, fairy cakes, strawberry cheesecake muffins and teeny tiny cream tea tarts, a lovely friend made lemon sponge and Dutch apple cake. Lots of tea was drunk and obviously lots of cake eaten and over £100 raised! I am really pleased with the total and enjoyed the excuse to make large quantities of C-A-K-E
Back to the needle and thread now, at least I might have an excuse soon to knit a little cross over cardigan!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Looming large

I am returning once again to the task of clearing the workroom and am looking on a Tuesday at clearing 'stock'. I bought these looms for running brooch making evenings. I have kept some as I really enjoyed doing these but have some that could do with finding a new home. I am offering them including U.K p&p at £5. Please leave a comment if you are interested. These can be used to make flower brooches- which have always been a good seller for me, or used as a kind of french knitter to make a thin tube for scarves etc.

Speaking of flower brooches I can't wait to try making one with this fantastic sparkly tape sent to me by Jenny. She was sweet enough to send me some of her fantastic hand made sewing accessories and the lovely ruffle brooch as a thank you for some books I sent for her husband. The quality of her construction is really stunning and the the little cushion now resides on my sewing machine as a very handy pin cushion, the brooch is on my jacket, the sewing book has however been ear marked by Anna- (can you see her tiny fingers!?). I think it's lovely that she has her own needles and pins and she has tucked some her favourite buttons in the pockets inside. I think my stash my deplete faster than expected with my little Magpie around!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

What 'o!

Well hello chaps and hope this Sunday sees you in spiffing form. Last night was chocks away for the 20's/30's birthday bash and the outing for 'the dress'. Simon was Wing Commander Lewis and sported a fake moustache with style, his uniform was bought from E-bay and he did look rather fetching!

I managed to finish the dress and bag in time and then moved to plans for my hair. After much fiddling about I dashed to the hairdressers on Friday and asked them to take 4" off to give me a bob and Simon dyed it jet black for me. I can't see me wearing the dress again but it was an interesting exercise and the party was a really good night. There were lots of very glamorous flappers and a few gangsters all enjoying playing cocktail, I can't imagine the party household will be stirring for another few hours.